Which bird only drinks rainwater?

S Venkateshwari
Which bird only drinks rainwater? 

Do you know that there is such a bird in this world that only drinks rainwater? The name of the bird is Jacobin Cuckoo, people also know it by the name of Chatak. It is said that no matter how much clean water you keep in front of this bird, it will not drink it. On the other hand, if you forcefully put the bird in a lake, then it closes its beak so that the water of the lake cannot enter the mouth.

There are 2 populations of Chatak in India, One inhabits the southern part and the other makes its way from Africa to the north and central India, crossing the arabian sea with the monsoon winds.

The scientific name of Chatak is Clamator Jacobins. Clamator means to shout, that is, a very vocal bird. These birds are insectivorous, that is, they eat locust beetles, but many times they have been seen eating fruits and berries as well.

Apart from this, a unique thing about Chatak is that they lay their eggs in the nests of other birds. These birds prefer birds of data-size like babbler and bulbul as their host and lay their colorful eggs in their nests.

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