IT techie shares OTPs fully..!? Lost Rs. 68 lakhs..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
IT techie shares OTPs fully..!? Lost Rs. 68 lakhs..!?
Adish doesn't realize that they are just trying to scam you by asking you to send an OTP number. Due to this, IT Techie has lost Rs. 68.6 lakhs. A young IT employee tried to sell an old bed through OLX, an online marketplace for buying and selling used items. The employee has lost Rs 68 lakh in three days. On december 9, following a complaint filed by Adish (name changed), a resident of HSR Layout in Bengaluru, Karnataka, the police registered a case under various sections. The police also said that steps have been taken to freeze the accounts of those involved in this fraud. Adish recently posted photos of his old bed and advertised it on OLX. He mentioned that its price is Rs.15,000. On december 6th around 7 pm, he received a phone call. The caller said his name was Rohit Mishra and he owned a furniture store in Indira Nagar. He also said that he was interested in buying Adish's bed after seeing Adish's listing on OLX. After discussing the price, Sharma tells Adish that he will send the money through a wallet PLATFORM' target='_blank' title='digital-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW">digital payment app. A minute later, Sharma said he could not send the money to the UPI ID and asked Aadish to send him Rs 5. Accordingly, Adish sent Rs.5 to the UPI ID given by Sharma. In return, Sharma paid him Rs. 10 has sent.
Sharma again claimed that he was unable to pay. He has asked to send 5,000. After receiving the amount, Sharma sent back Rs.10 thousand. He again asked Adish to send Rs.7,500 and said that he would send Rs.15,000 in return. But by mistake, Rs. 30,000 and sent a link to send the money back and also asked to share the OTP number. Adish doesn't realize that they are just trying to scam you by asking you to send an OTP number. Adish did as Sharma told him not to understand that he was being cheated. Since then money has started dwindling from Adish's bank account. "After that, he kept sending links and said he couldn't send money due to some technical problem. He asked him to send back the money withdrawn from his account. He said he would try the same. He thought he was not very experienced in online payments," says Adish.
He continued to send him money as he said he was making every effort to return his money. Then Sharma gave him the account details of another person named Rajesh Mishra. He sent Rs 15 lakh and Rs 30 lakh twice. From december 6 to 8, a total of Rs 68.6 lakhs was lost. It was only when Sharma asked for money that he realized it was a scam," narrated Adish. Generally, victims of such scams suffer a loss of around Rs 5 lakh. But, in this case, many times more amount has been confiscated. According to a police official, this is the highest amount in such cases. Adish clicked on the links sent by the fraudsters and shared the OTPs. That is why he has lost money. Never share the OTP number with anyone under any circumstances for any reason. Also, don't click on any link sent by an unknown person. If you keep this in mind, you can avoid getting caught in such scams.

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