Telugu States Blaze Trail in Fingerprint Technology, Catching Criminals Red-Handed!

Sindujaa D N
The inevitability of a criminal's wrongdoing haunting them, regardless of their intelligence, is a universal truth. Even those skilled in dark arts, including some law enforcement officers, find themselves entangled in their own misdeeds. No one, irrespective of their identity or capabilities, can entirely escape the consequences of their mistakes. The advancement of technology, while a virtue, also plays a pivotal role in identifying and capturing criminals.

A recent report on national crime statistics has brought forth intriguing revelations. The common practice of using fingerprints to identify and apprehend suspects showcases the forefront position of the police in the telugu states. In this context, andhra pradesh (AP) ranks second, while telangana secures the fourth position nationally. The report for the year 2022 indicates that 3,489 accused individuals were successfully apprehended across the country through fingerprint analysis.

Southern states emerge as leaders in the practice of capturing criminals based on fingerprints. Among the 3,489 individuals apprehended nationwide, tamil Nadu reported 698 arrests, andhra pradesh reported 667, karnataka reported 528, telangana reported 449, and kerala reported 435. Notably, the telugu states are at the forefront in maintaining a comprehensive fingerprint database.

This data underscores the effectiveness of fingerprint analysis as a crucial tool in law enforcement, with the telugu states taking a leading role in utilizing this technology to identify and apprehend criminals. The information presented in the national crime statistics report highlights the significant contribution of fingerprint-based identification methods in ensuring public safety and upholding the rule of law.

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