Tea Perfection: Milk First?

Sindujaa D N
The topic of tea-making sparks lively discussions, with individuals passionately advocating for their unique methods. Opinions on whether tea should be boiled first in water, when to add ginger, and whether tea and milk should be boiled separately vary widely. The debate extends not only in india but also in Britain, where diverse arguments exist regarding the ideal way to make tea.
Dr. Stapley from Loughborough University, in a research study covered by The Guardian, highlighted the negative impact of adding milk after boiling water. This practice, he explained, unevenly heats the milk, leading to the denaturation of proteins, altering the flavour. The research suggests that adding milk before water avoids this issue, emphasizing that milk should not be introduced after the water reaches high temperatures.

Experts propose alternatives, such as separately heating milk and water to maintain a consistent temperature, ensuring minimal change in the tea. While some advocate for boiling tea leaves briefly for 2 to 5 minutes, others recommend pre-boiling milk and subsequently adding water.
 Dr. Stapley acknowledged the subjective nature of tea preferences, emphasizing that taste is not solely dictated by scientific principles. Ultimately, individuals are encouraged to brew tea according to their liking, as there is no rigid formula for the perfect cup.

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