What Happened in the Controversial YouTube Video? A Warning for Parents

What Happened?

Dark humor and roasting were the goals of the video that Phanumanthu and his buddies made. But after their hurtful remarks regarding the father-daughter bond, the material took a troubling turn. As soon as the video went viral, it horrified viewers and sparked heated discussions throughout the telugu states. Their words were so contentious that they caused a great deal of indignation, which made the film a hot issue for debate and close examination.

What Did They Say In The Video?

Together, four men are on the internet watching a reel and commenting on the tape. A father bonding with his 4-year-old daughter in the reel they were watching. But in the guise of dark humor, these bigoted people spoke nasty things about the father-daughter bond. The way they changed the rhyme "open your mouth ha ha" was really disgusting. Other comments they made stunned the audience. In their talk, they even made references to pedophilia. It is impossible to talk about every single one of their obscene remarks here. One of them made comments on the physical characteristics of the 4-year-old daughter, displaying their heinous wickedness.

Netizens and Film Personalities Slam the Youtubers, Video Taken Down

Film stars and internet users swiftly chastised the makers of the contentious video. Several online users expressed shock and dismay by writing things such as, "We can't believe such horrific people exist." There was a loud cry for those responsible to data-face harsh penalties. In response, actor sai dharam tej said, "This is beyond gruesome, disgusting, and scary." 

These kinds of monsters operate undetected on popular social media networks, abusing children under the pretense of being enjoyable and uplifting. The need of the hour is child safety. In his postings, he tagged the police departments, chief ministers, and deputy chief ministers of both telugu states. We are all grateful for Sai Dharam Tej's reaction. 
Manchu Manoj also spoke about the matter and that he would see to it that these people were punished. The public's and celebrities' outcry highlighted how serious the issue is and how quickly action must be taken. At last, the video was removed from YouTube.

Governments and Police’s Swift Reaction:

The governments of telangana and andhra pradesh, along with their ministers and police, acted promptly. "We appreciate you bringing this to our attention, @IamSaiDharamTej garu," revanth reddy said. The top priority of our government is protecting children. We'll investigate this occurrence and take the necessary measures. "Addressing the inappropriate comments on a child, an FIR has been filed with @TGCyberBureau, and strict actions will follow," the telangana police said, echoing this promise. Our goal is to safeguard every citizen, but notably the young. Criminals who use social media for comedic purposes will be held accountable. Seethakka, Telangana's minister for Child Welfare, responded angrily in a video, announcing that charges are being brought against the perpetrators. In response, the government of andhra pradesh reaffirmed its commitment to child protection.

Background of P. Hanumanthu

According to the authorities, Praneeth Hanumanthu hails from andhra pradesh and is presently a resident of the United States. He hails from an educated family—his father is a prominent official, as netizens found. In addition to becoming a YouTuber, his brother recently did some acting.

P. Hanumanthu’s Response
P. Hanumanthu apologized in a video message, but he also tried to defend his joke by saying that black humor is a new genre they were experimenting with. He further attempted to defend himself by claiming that the father and daughter they mentioned in their video were only actors and not a genuine father and daughter. He apologized and asked people to refrain from bringing up his parents in the dispute, even if he had a valid reason for doing so, as his family and their upbringing had become the target of criticism. His apology seemed less like an admission of culpability for the comments and more like a request to internet users to spare his parents from the criticism.

Will These Guys Get Punishment?

Notwithstanding the restrictions of the IT Act, the POCSO Act has robust measures to penalize these people. But there are still worries that they may get away because of little details, like whether or not the youngster in the video is Indian. And whether our system is robust enough to extradite such individuals from the united states to india for punishment. The public is still fearful and hopes that the judicial system can resolve these subtleties so that justice is done and similar occurrences don't happen again.

For the purpose of making it abundantly evident that abusing children—even in the name of humor—these people ought to data-face consequences. Internet users ought to unfollow and steer clear of such information in order to stop inciting negative conduct. This event serves as a warning to parents not to upload footage of their kids online as it may unintentionally expose them to abuse and predators. In the wallet PLATFORM' target='_blank' title='digital-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW">digital era, kid protection has to be the first concern at all times.



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