Kalki 2898 AD - Prabhas Biggest Test without Rajamouli

With its international premieres smashing records, Prabhas' film kalki 2898 AD is expected to be a huge hit. In a few hours, domestic reservations should open as well. Over the next several days, the box office will be in a frenzy. The movie has made over 175 crores in revenue in the telugu states overall. The value of international rights is between 80 and 100 crores, while other portions of South india are around 50 crores, and North india is 120 crores.

The film has to make a share of 420 crores, or around 780–800 crores in worldwide box office revenue, to break even. To succeed, kalki 2898 AD needs to outperform both a big-budget SS rajamouli picture like Baahubali and a commercial movie like Salaar. With almost 550 crores, Salaar is Prabhas' highest-grossing movie sans director SS Rajamouli. Saaho, at 420 crores, is his second-best, followed by Adipurush, with 330 crores. prabhas must now surpass the 800 crore milestone without the help of SS Rajamouli's brand.

Prabhas' celebrity status alone will determine the first weekend's revenue. Word of mouth or not, he has to draw large audiences over the first three days not just in the telugu states but also in the hindi belt, the US, and other international markets. If it were to eventually cross the 800 crore threshold, the first-weekend aim is a minimum of 300–320 crores in gross. For the following four weeks, there won't be any competition, so if the movie has a really good reception, the content will take center stage and it should break even in three weeks.

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