Chiranjeevi's Ex son-in-law Sirish Bharadwaj passed away...

Sowmiya Sriram
Chiranjeevi's Ex son-in-law sirish Bharadwaj passed away...
Megastar Chiranjeevi's ex-son in law and Sreeja's ex-husband sirish Bharadwaj passed away. sirish Bharadwaj's death at a very young age has shocked everyone. sirish and sreeja were in love and got married in 2007 against their parents. This news created a sensation in the media at the time. However, their married life did not last long. Due to a disagreement between the two, they got divorced. In 2012, sreeja filed a case against sirish Bharadwaj for harassing her. After that, it is known that sreeja divorced sirish in 2014. After that, both got married again and settled down in life. In this case, the news that Sreeja's first husband died of lung disease has caused shock and sadness. Various parties are condoling his death.
It is said that sirish Bhardwaj has been suffering from a lung problem for a few days and has been undergoing treatment at the hospital from time to time. In this environment, he again suffered from health problems and has been receiving treatment at the hospital. But. It seems that his condition worsened and he died this morning without treatment. After his divorce from sreeja, sirish Bharadwaj married another woman. Later sreeja got married secondly to kalyan Dev. sreeja and Shirish Bhadarwaj have a daughter. Currently, she is with Sreeja. On the other hand, sreeja gave birth to another child with kalyan Dev. It must be said that Sreeja's second husband acted as a hero in some films but did not get much benefit. As for sirish Bharadwaj, reports say he owns a software company. In this situation, sirish Bharadwaj's death due to lung failure has caused a tragedy.
As much as sreeja and sirish Bharadwaj's marriage was a sensation, their divorce was as much a sensation. It is noted that sreeja had lodged a complaint with the police that sirish was harassing her mentally and forcing her to ask for additional dowry.

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