Pawan Kalyan will be the hero who will change rural India..!!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Pawan kalyan will be the hero who will change rural India..!!?
- State governments have also used the funds provided by the Centre.
- panchayati Raj, rural development is a balanced challenge.
- Cracking the brakes on forest resource trafficking is tough.
AP deputy cm and Jana Sena chief pawan kalyan also felicitated panchayat Raj, the Rural Development Department, and the Forest Department. Everything is fine. If you look at the post, you can think that it is easy. But, if we look at the situation of the respective departments at the field level, it is not that easy. Because the panchayat raj department has had problems for two decades. In particular, there is a situation where there are no funds even though the village sarpanches have the power to check. At the same time, the state governments have also used the funds provided by the Centre. No wonder the same situation exists now. In this context, it must be said that it is a challenge to bring the rural development departments of panchayat raj together and manage them without controversy. And when it comes to the forest department, this is the most controversial department. Stopping illegal traffic has become a big challenge. The main challenge is to block the transport of red sandalwood in particular.
At the same time, red sandalwood was sold abroad during the previous Chandrababu regime. It should be implemented even now. Similarly, the case of illegal transportation of red sandalwood during the previous ycp regime should be brought out with evidence. When it comes to rural water supply, the funds provided by the Center should be used properly rather than by the state government. If all these are like this, in another year and a half, the local body elections will be held. In this regard, solving the existing problems, appointing staff in the panchayat offices, arranging basic facilities for them, etc. are also issues that will become a problem for Pawan. Further, the secretariats set up today were set up in the Panchayats. They should be reformed. panchayat buildings should be vacated and new offices should be set up. To impress the minds of the people, arrangements have to be made on the basis of war.

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