Nara Lokesh: The AP Political Future Star..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Nara Lokesh: The ap Political Future Star..!?
* Recognition as Chandrababu's successor.
* Winning as mla for the first time.
* Aggressiveness as IT and education Minister.
In andhra pradesh state, the telugu desam party has gained momentum again. After five years, the telugu desam party returned to power. But more than the victory of the telugu desam party, the victory of nara lokesh has increased the enthusiasm of the party. nara lokesh stood where he fell and showed. Even as a ward member, no matter how much ycp trolled him about not winning, he bounced back. He created history in the mangalagiri constituency. After almost 25 years, young leader nara lokesh hoisted the telugu desam party flag in the mangalagiri constituency. lokesh won with a majority of about 90,000 votes. Apart from winning as an mla, he also took charge as the minister of ap education Department and IT Department. nara lokesh is the most crazed leader in the telugu Desam Party. nara lokesh, who has prepared a new team named yuva Galam is moving ahead with more emphasis on youth.
 Nara Lokesh's role is behind a person like Bharat becoming a minister. Besides, nara lokesh is moving towards cleansing the education department. Justice is being done to the students by bringing out the mistakes made by the ycp government. nara lokesh is taking steps towards the development of the IT department in AP. During these five years, nara lokesh should take care of not only the education department but also the IT department.
 Nara lokesh will be responsible for bringing IT companies to ap like Hyderabad. Employment should be created for the youth. At the same time, we should give a strong counter to ycp and move forward. nara lokesh has to prove that he is the future leader after Chandrababu. Vacancies in the education department should be filled and better facilities should be provided to the students. After Chandrababu, lokesh will be responsible for ensuring that there is no corruption in the government. Like, many kinds of problems and challenges that nara lokesh has to data-face. Only then will nara lokesh become a future star.

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