Rajamouli Destroyed Tollywood ?

It's undeniable that rajamouli is currently the biggest name in indian film. In indian films, his productions stand out for their sheer data-size and scope. However, there is a group in tollywood that claims that by promoting pan-Indian culture, rajamouli inadvertently damaged Tollywood. They contend that rajamouli introduced a new trend of large-scale films to tollywood with rrr and Baahubali, which wasn't there previously. 

They argue that because these celebrities have followed Rajamouli's lead and are only producing large-scale, overly ambitious events, followers of these celebrities must now wait two to three years for their films. This, therefore, is the height of absurdity. rajamouli is the main reason tollywood gained international recognition. He created opportunities for telugu film, which few people were aware had existed at all. 

With Baahubali, rajamouli created a global audience in India; with rrr, he may have even expanded it globally. There is no need to dispute it if he is to responsible for propelling telugu film beyond its wildest expectations. Rajamouli also planned his career such that he exclusively produced large-scale event pictures. It's not like he's pressing or swaying other heroes to do the same.

Stars like Mahesh, Prabhas, NTR, ram Charan, Allu Arjun, and Mahesh have decided to pursue the pan-Indian road with major event films. Nobody would have opposed their producing six- to twelve-month regional commercial plays, especially Rajamouli. It would be like to blame Leonardo da Vinci for producing the greatest artwork in history, the Mona Lisa, to hold rajamouli responsible for establishing a new major event culture in Tollywood.

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