Two Disasters Done, One More Soon?

Alongside genelia D'Souza, aamir khan will feature in the forthcoming sports drama Sitaare Zameen Par. R. S. prasanna has been directing the project, which has been quietly in production and just wrapped up filming. The well-received Spanish sports drama "Campeones" (2018) has an official remake. The movie centers on a basketball coach who, as part of his community duty, decides to train a group of kids with mental disabilities. It is regarded as the cherished classic Taare Zameen Par's spiritual successor (2008).

These days, the genre is very important to the success of a movie in Bollywood. While well-made, smaller films like "Munjya" are becoming huge blockbusters, large-scale productions are failing if their target audience isn't interested in their genre. Unfortunately, one such genre that seems to have lost its appeal is a sports drama, which was once a favorite.

Despite being well-made, recent instances such as Maidaan and chandu Champion are not even close to recovering half of their enormous expenses. Today, "Sitaare Zameen Par" encounters comparable difficulties. Perhaps there aren't as many people interested in sports dramas these days. It is also a remake, which frequently has its own set of negative connotations, which exacerbates matters.
Almost eight years have passed since an aamir khan film made money at the box office. His performance in his latest movie, Laal Singh Chaddha, which came out in 2022, was severely mocked. He must make a strong return. We will have to wait and watch if Taare Zameen Par's kindness and memory value rub off on Sitaare Zameen Par and deal aamir khan a much-needed blow.

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