Samantha Goes To ICICI - Keerthy at KODAK

Creative and captivating advertising campaigns featuring iconic South indian women alongside bollywood heroes have been increasingly prevalent in the indian banking sector. samantha and Keerthy suresh are two examples of actresses who have used their charm and charisma to promote different banking services.
For the ICICI advertisements, samantha collaborated with none other than Anil Kapoor. She may be seen collaborating with the senior bollywood star to provide comedy for the bank's most recent advertisements. Additionally, actress Keerthy suresh made her debut in a pan-Indian tv commercial spot alongside Ranveer Singh. In the bank's most recent advertisements, Keerthy and Ranveer are both endorsing Kotak Bank.  

It's undeniable that using South indian ladies in bank advertisements has worked well to pique viewers' interest and spread financial literacy. Some additional well-known celebrities may appear in advertisements for banks and the banking industry in the days to come. mammootty and filmmaker gautham Vasudev menon were working on a project together. There was talk that Nayanthara will be the main actress. The film will be directed by gautham Vasudev menon for the first time in Malayalam, and filming is set to begin shortly. As of now, Nayanthara has withdrawn owing to prior obligations, and samantha could take over as Mammootty's main heroine.  

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