What are Chandrababu's First 3 Signatures?

Earlier today, Nara chandrababu naidu was sworn in as the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh. prime minister Narendra Modi attended the lavish ceremony along with several other well-known figures from the politics and film industries. In addition to Naidu, twenty-four cabinet members have also taken their oath at yesterday's event. Today at 4:41 p.m., chandrababu naidu will formally assume office as chief minister. The staff members in the secretariat's first block are making the necessary preparations.

In keeping with his election-related pledge, chandrababu naidu would first sign the Mega DSC file, then remove the Land-Titling Act, and lastly raise monthly pensions to Rs. 4,000. Tomorrow, he will also sign the documents about the skill census program and Anna Canteens. Officials are preparing the required paperwork, which Naidu will sign.

Following his oath of office, chandrababu naidu met with the cabinet members at his undavalli home to discuss portfolio distribution. By the end of the day, the 24 cabinet ministers' portfolios should be revealed. Later on in the evening today, chandrababu naidu is scheduled to visit Tirumala. Naidu will return to amaravati today after Srivari's darshan and begin his formal work.

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