Deepika Padukone Playing Mother in Brahmastra, Jawan, Kalki - EPIC Fan Reaction

Due to the remarkable cast of kalki 2898 AD, which includes amitabh bachchan, Prabhas, deepika Padukone, and Kamal Haasan, the trailer has attracted a lot of attention online. The fact that Deepika, who is expecting her first child with actor-husband Ranveer Singh, had a pregnancy bump in the film caught everyone's attention in addition to its unique narrative and large-scale production. Many rumors about the movie's premise state that Deepika's unborn kid would be Kalki's avatar, meaning kalki herself would be a major player in the narrative.

It's interesting to note that deepika has played mothers before, each of whose roles is crucial to the plot of the film. Supporters noted that deepika has recently been killing it in bollywood mother roles. She had previously portrayed Ranbir's mother in the first installment of Ayan Mukerji's intended trilogy in the Astraverse, Brahmastra Part One: Shiva. In addition, alia bhatt, amitabh bachchan, Mouni Roy, and nagarjuna Akkineni appeared in the movie. The plot of Brahmastra centres on shiva (Ranbir), a young dj and orphan who learns he has a unique ability that protects him from fire from birth.

Deepika Padukone portrayed SRK's mother in Jawan last year. Shah Rukh played two parts in the movie: Captain vikram Rathore and his son Azad. deepika had a brief cameo. The audience gave her a lot of affection and respect for her depiction as Aishwarya, the mother of azad and the wife of vikram Rathore. "I have no words to say except thank you so much for all the love," deepika added, speaking about the film and the support she received for it. All I did was do this out of love for Shah Rukh, and everyone is aware of our connection. And I'm really glad and delighted to be here and support the team—I didn't think this would become so special.

So, fans went berserk when they spotted deepika with a pregnant belly in kalki 2898 AD. Sharing a post about the same, one user wrote on Reddit, “Deepika Padukone making her own genre of being the important mother of an important child.” The post went viral in no time, with netizens praising Deepika’s exceptional acting skills. One user said, “Mother is mothering!” Another one wrote, “She was manifesting her own baby.” “And now going to be a mother irl (in real life). That’s method acting,” read a third comment.


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