No OTT, But Direct Release on YouTube

The movie Sriranganeethulu, starring suhas and Ruhani Sharma, will be distributed on YouTube rather than an OTT platform. The launch date has been set for May 30th. Suhas, who is now working on several projects, starred in Sriranganeethulu. He appeared in two films this year: Ambajipet marriage Band and Prasannavadanam.
Sriranganeethulu, which debuted in theatres on april 11th, did not fare well at the box office. The picture had minimal advertising, contributing to its underwhelming box office results. Many people were ignorant of the film's release, and suhas did not promote it. The film was a disaster. The YouTube release was officially announced in a post by Sri Bhavani HD Movies.
Sriranganeethulu is an anthology film directed by praveen Kumar VSS, with Suhas, Viraj Ashwin, Ruhani Sharma, and karthik Ratnam in prominent parts. The plot concentrates around the difficulties encountered by each of the major characters. There were rumours that sony Liv might acquire the film for OTT streaming, but these were not confirmed. The choice to broadcast it on YouTube signals that an OTT contract has not been finalised. This comes at a time when Sushas is seen as a safe bet in the OTT industry.


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