Telangana - Hanuman Yatra in Karimnagar leads to skirmish

On Saturday, tensions rose in karimnagar district following an altercation between Hanuman worshippers during a right-wing event, which sparked protests by Hindutva workers. The debate finally sparked a demonstration by right-wing organizations, who marched to the streets and were allegedly arrested.
Following the event, bharatiya janata party (BJP) karimnagar Lok Sabha mp Bandi Sanjay urged that telangana police free those jailed during the Hanuman Shobha yatra in Mancherial. According to Three Town police, the incident occurred near the mancherial crossroads as a Hanuman devotee rally was being carried out. A guy from another neighborhood objected to the demonstration, resulting in an altercation. The mancherial police arrested the man and sent him to a police station.
However, when the police were transporting the man to the police station in a patrol car, a Hanuman devotee hung onto the patrol car, and the driver, anticipating an attack on the police, raced forward. The motorist came to a stop a little ahead. A sub-inspector of police from karimnagar got down to keep anyone from following the police car.

However, the sub-inspector was swarmed, and hundreds of people gathered outside the police station to protest police intervention.


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