Janhvi Kapoor is Serving some vibes in her blue mini dress

Janhvi Kapoor is prepping for her new film, Mr and Mrs. mahi, and she is enchanting fans not just with her acting abilities but also with her unique advertising campaign for the film, dubbed "Method Dressing." This creative style blends performance and fashion, with performers bringing their on-screen identities into their real-life looks.

Mr. and Mrs. Mahi's key theme is cricket, and Janhvi has embraced it in her costume selections, expertly combining cricket-inspired elements into her ensembles. She has made waves with her strange yet attractive design choices, like dresses and sarees inspired by cricket balls, and she is now back with another outfit inspired by her film. Let's look carefully at it.
Janhvi once again drew attention to herself with her current attire. She appeared in a beautiful sleeveless blue outfit that drew attention. The dress has a daring plunging neckline and a short length. But what actually set it apart was the distinctive detailing: collars, a long zip in the front, and the word "Mahi" meticulously inscribed all over it in matching blue. mahi is the name of Kapoor's character in the film, which lends a personal touch and deeper connection to the story.

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