PT Sir Movie Review - Feels like a Maths Period Class

Hip Hop Aadi, who works as a PT player in a popular educational institute in Erode, is raised by his mother. He creates an interesting thing called magic wall in his school institute among the students and gets appreciation. But due to this same wall, an unexpected problem is caused by Anika Surendran, the girl from the opposite house, that too within the educational institution where he works. How does Hip Hop aadhi solves this social problem? The struggle he data-faces and whether Anika gets justice is the rest of the film.

Hip Hop aadhi s Kanagavel PT master has been perfect and tailor made for the role, but still, he could improvise in a lot of areas. In most of the scenes, his amateur expressions are obvious. Kashmira has nothing to do other than appearing in unwanted bleak romantic scenes. All she does was appears for some duet songs and ensures tiresome comedies.

In a very conventional story, the film crew has tried to talk about sexual harassment that was taken for granted by previous generations and the daily problems data-faced by women of all ages. They have also highlighted the society's attacks on victims of sexual harassment. But it is questionable whether these efforts have worked together as a story!

In the first half, after grinding the usual masalas required for a commercial film, the story starts after 45 minutes and we lose our patience already. What happened to the character of the deceased Anika is not told until the end of the second half and they move us along and fail to  keep us on the edge of our seats. They move the screenplay normally and have a twist in the climax. The songs were not memorable and the background music is okay.

Although the attempts to talk about sexual issues are laudable, the clichéd scenes of trying to make people cringe and being a hero who speaks up for women are boring. If PT sir had tried to add something new and interesting, he would have impressed everyone. Now, it feels like a Maths teacher forcibly taking away the PT period!

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