Covid sufferers' lung damage caused by "unusual" cell death...?

S Venkateshwari

Covid sufferers' lung damage caused by  "unusual" cell death...?

According to new research, an uncommon type of cell death may cause severe harm to a Covid patient's lungs, possibly leading to life-threatening illnesses like inflammation and acute respiratory problems. According to the study, treating ferroptosis, an uncommon type of cell death, may provide physicians with novel approaches to treating Covid-19 pulmonary illness. When a cell stops working, it is known as cell death. This can happen naturally or as a result of an illness or trauma. According to researchers, the most prevalent type of cell death is caused by cells "chopping up" the molecules inside, and this happens to people both while they are sick and as they age.

Nonetheless, the researchers at Columbia university in the united states stated that in ferroptosis, a comparatively rare type of cell death, cells perish as a result of the collapse of their exterior fat layers. In this investigation, human tissues were examinedandautopsy from individuals who passed away from Covid-19-related respiratory failure were gathered. Additionally, hamster samples were examined. The majority of cells were dying via the ferroptosis mechanism, the scientists discovered, which forms the fundamental basis for lung disease in Covid patients.

Thus, medications that specifically target and inhibit the ferroptosis form of cell death may assist to enhance the Covid-19 treatment regimen, according to the researchers.

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