Telangana decides to take up repairs to Kaleshwaram barrages

The telangana government resolved on monday to rehabilitate three barrages of the kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project, as recommended by the National Dam Safety Authority (NDSA). The state cabinet, led by chief minister A. revanth reddy decided to rehabilitate the Medigadda, Annaram, and Sundilla barrages.
The cabinet addressed the topic in depth, reviewed the NDSA's interim report, and decided to follow the advice of technical experts. The restoration work would be assigned to central agencies. It was also determined that the construction agency would bear the costs associated with this.

The administration has decided to investigate the possibility of building temporary structures such as rockfill dams to raise water from Medigadda and other barrages.
At least three piers of the medigadda barrage sank in october of last year, sparking concerns about the structure's safety and leading the NDSA to send specialists to evaluate it.
The barrage was emptied as recommended.
Ministers Ponguleti srinivas reddy and D. sridhar Babu informed reporters following the cabinet meeting that, even though flaws in the barrages were discovered in 2019, the then-BRS administration did nothing to address the issue.

They stated that the decision to begin repair work was made to ensure that the large sum of public money invested on the project is not wasted, as well as to protect the farmers' interests.
To prevent additional damage, the cabinet agreed to release water from the barrages and enlist the help of central agencies for repairs.
Irrigation minister N. reddy NALAMADA' target='_blank' title='uttam kumar reddy-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW">uttam kumar reddy is in contact with the Centre and its agencies in this regard.
To ensure the long-term viability of the barrages, Central agencies' opinions will be sought. It was decided to take the advice of two Central agencies per barrage.

The decision to begin repairs comes in light of the upcoming rainy season.
The cabinet believed that because renovations at Medigadda may not completely resolve the situation and because it cannot retain water, the government should take some interim steps to provide water to farmers. Efforts will also be made to prevent further damage to the barrages during the monsoon.

Last month, the judicial committee led by former supreme court judge Justice Pinaki Chandra Ghose launched an investigation into suspected anomalies in the kaleshwaram project's development. After taking office in december of last year, the congress administration launched a judicial investigation into the sinking of medigadda barrage piers and leaks in the Sundilla and Annaram barrages. The panel has also been instructed to examine the project's financial aspects as well as any technical problems, such as irrigation project designs, planning, and implementation.

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