Naga Chaitanya takes 10-year-challenge on Samantha starrer

Vikram Kumar's film manam is a timeless telugu cinema masterpiece. manam, which debuted in 2014, celebrates its tenth anniversary on May 23rd this year.  To commemorate the tenth anniversary, annapurna studios has announced that the picture will be re-released on the same day this month. The film's principal actor, naga chaitanya, is aggressively promoting the re-release by rewriting the film's iconic prema speech.
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The actor rushed to instagram and shared a short footage of himself reenacting this scene, asking his followers and supporters to join in. naga chaitanya has asked his fans to replicate this classic prema conversation as part of the re-release campaign. manam occupies a particular place in the hearts of cinephiles, not only because of its unusual tale but also because it was Akkineni Nageswara Rao's (ANR) last film before his death. ANR, a legendary actor, is Nagarjuna's father and naga Chaitanya's grandfather.

The film features the whole Akkineni family, including naga chaitanya, Nagarjuna, and nageswara rao himself, completing the family history. samantha, naga Chaitanya's ex-wife, played the film's heroine, which added to its significance for fans. manam is known for its persistent narrative, which focuses on themes of rebirth and love. The film's narrative recounts the journey of Radha and Krishna (ANR and Nagarjuna), as well as their son Bittu (Naga Chaitanya). samantha portrays naga Chaitanya's wife in the movie.

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