Telangana’s annual energy requirement likely to touch 97,547 MU

Telangana's energy needs are projected to reach 10,177 million units in march 2025 and 8,622 million units in December. In the past several months, the state has seen an abnormally high increase in electricity usage.
Telangana's energy consumption reached 9,009 million units in march, according to the Central electricity Authority's (CEA) most recent data, and it is expected to rise in the upcoming months. With 9,009 MU consumed in march, telangana came in sixth place nationally, according to the CEA data. The top five states are, in order, maharashtra (18,795 MU), gujarat (12,948 MU), tamil Nadu (11,929 MU), Uttar Pradesh (10,507 MU), and karnataka (10,018 MU).

Telangana's annual peak energy demand is predicted to reach 18,501 MW, and the state's estimated annual energy need is set to be 97,547 million units for the 2024–2025 fiscal year, according to figures given by the CEA. The energy need is anticipated to reach 8,622 MU in december and 10,177 MU in march 2025, with the peak demand, predicted to reach 18,501 MW in September. Among the Southern States, telangana lags behind tamil Nadu in terms of peak power demand and energy requirements.

The energy requirement forecast for telangana during april was 7890 mu, May (6207 mu), June(6424 mu), July(7028) august (8,554 mu), september (8,514 mu), october (8,213 mu), November(7362 mu) and december (8622 mu), while it would touch 9,054 mu in January, 9,502 mu in february and 10,177 mu in march 2025. Similarly, the peak demand is likely to touch 16,642 MW in august, 18,501 MW in september, 17,653 MW in october, 14,715 MW in november and 18,242 MW in December. It is likely to touch 17,266 MW in January, 17,732 MW in february and 17,666 MW in march 2025.

The National electricity Plan (NEP) for 2022–2032 projects that Telangana's energy consumption would increase by 5%–6% year through 2030–2031 and beyond. On march 6, telangana achieved a record-breaking 298 MU of consumption in a single day.
According to the assessment, Hyderabad's annual energy needs are expected to rise to 30,054 mu in the current fiscal year and reach 39,267 mu in 2029–2030. On May 4, Greater hyderabad reported the greatest consumption of 89.71 million units, 53.7 percent more than the 58.34 million units consumed the previous year. This season's top demand of 4214 MW had already been recorded by the city, and it was expected to rise over the next few days.

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