North Koreans in American companies...!?

Sowmiya Sriram

North Koreans in American companies...!?

It is known that north korea will not be affected by America. Moreover, it is said that the superpower is getting closer to russia because of Kim's close relationship with Russia. It is in this background that the united states cut ties with the original international currency "the dollar" for the Kim empire!If North Korea is kept away from America... now a sensational thing has come to the fore. As part of this... it has been revealed that many North Koreans have secretly joined some tech jobs in America with American IDs... They are all working from home... In this order, their salaries are being sent to north korea in their own currency. Moreover, the authorities say that an American woman is helping in this whole affair. This made the matter more viral.

Yes... It is known that there will be a rift between America and North Korea. In these circumstances, the authorities found that a woman named Christina Marie Chapman from Arizona in America helped three North Koreans get jobs in local companies. For this, it is said that Marie has stolen the IDs of Americans and given them to them. As a result, they all got jobs in tech companies to work from home. They transferred the money from these jobs to North Korea. Officials say that its total amount is about 68 lakh dollars. All three North Korean employees are said to have ties to their country's arms industry.

In this background, the American authorities took this matter more seriously. With this, the US State Department has announced that they will give 5 million dollars if they reveal the whereabouts of North Korea's Jiho Han, Horanuzu, and Chunji Jin.

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