Will YS Jagan be a son who surpasses his father?

Sowmiya Sriram

Will YS jagan be a son who surpasses his father?

YS jagan is the political heir of YS Rajasekhar Reddy. YS jagan, who entered politics while he was the chief minister, was elected as kadapa MP. But as long as his father was in office, jagan was not very active politically. He used to take care of his own business. After the sudden death of YS, the scene changed suddenly. There are claims that jagan collected the signatures of MLAs to become cm after his father's death.

It can be said that YS Jagan's political career started after his father's sudden death. The rebellion that started with the Congress's high command not permitting the condolence trip made jagan a political leader. YS jagan did not hesitate to clash with sonia gandhi, who was the most powerful leader in the country, making many people think it was daring.

But jagan did what he believed. He did not bow down anywhere. As a result, he data-faced many difficulties. Many cases have been filed against jagan for obstructing his father's position and stealing his assets. He was kept in chanchalguda Jail for sixteen months. Even though he was in jail, he survived the party. The party won the by-elections held at that time. After being released from jail, he failed to win power in the 2014 elections by a narrow margin. After that, jagan was in the opposition for five years. Even though Chandrababu took the MLAs of his party and gave them ministerial posts and weakened the party, he data-faced it bravely. Being in the crowd.. listening to the problems of the people. He got recognition as a public leader. jagan, who assumed power in 2019, ruled with welfare as the main agenda, reminiscent of his father YSR. Even if the opposition mocks that he is a button-pressing cm, he is confident that public welfare has been achieved only by pressing that button. It has to be seen whether jagan, who has already equaled YS by making him the cm for five years, will win again.

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