Palakurthy - Mamidala Yashaswini Reddy Who Turned the Wheels

Nowadays many youths are eager to join politics. But Yashaswini reddy can be said as an inspiration to all of them. She created a record by winning as an mla at the age of just 26 years. Again, she won against a tough candidate and also raised the flag against the person who has ruled politics for almost 45 years. It can be said that Yashaswini reddy proved that youth can achieve anything. How did Yashaswini reddy enter politics. Let's see the other details of the family background..
Mamidala Yashaswini reddy is only 26 years old. She completed her B.Tech from JNTU, Hyderabad. Yashaswini reddy, who had no experience in politics, married raja Rammohan reddy, the son of Hanumandla jhansi reddy and Rajender Reddy. After marriage, Yashaswini reddy used to go to America and make a living by looking after their businesses. She worked as an office manager at raj Properties, their company in California. In fact, it was her mother-in-law jhansi reddy who gave Yashaswini reddy her political debut. jhansi Reddy's ancestors all belonged to Palakurthy. That is why Yashaswini Reddy's mother-in-law, jhansi reddy, has a lot of connection with that constituency. jhansi Reddy's husband Rajender reddy spent his childhood there.
Errabelli Dayakar Rao vs. Yashaswini Reddy:
Palakurthy constituency means the name of errabelli dayakar rao is heard all over the state. He has already won 6 times consecutively as mla and once as MP. He also held many ministerial positions in his political career for more than 40 years. Yashaswini reddy just turned the wheels and defeated such a prominent candidate. In fact, it's not just a fluke win as she got majority with more than 46 thousand votes.
Jhansi reddy wanted to be nominated as Palakurthy MLA. But it was thwarted in many ways. Eventually a plan was made that she would not apply. However, jhansi reddy did not slow down and brought her daughter-in-law into the ring again. With this, all the politics of Palakurthy have changed. The daughter-in-law also entered the ring as per her MIL'swords and organized a wonderful campaign with the impact of her words.

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