Director Shocks by Demanding 50 Crores Remuneration

Tollywood producers are already contacting the young filmmaker who rose to national prominence with his smash hit movie to collaborate on any project. He demands an astounding Rs 50 Cr in compensation to direct a film. That's not the end, though. In addition, he wants a bigger cut of the earnings. If he's harboring this level of anticipation after just one hit, he's getting near to collapsing.

"This young director feels like rajamouli, but he's not really of that caliber," a producer remarks. rajamouli himself realizes that in the end, he and the producer ought to split the profits equally. However, it is absurd for this young director to expect Rs 50 Cr in addition to a profit-sharing portion." The director also makes some big demands and producers are shell-shocked with it. He even asks daily cut for his assistant directors and their personal expenses.
Not even very good directors like trivikram are asking for such an enormous payment. Finding out what this young man expects is upsetting. He could be considering making more than Rs 100 Cr from his next movie or two. As they say, "speed thrills but kills," both on the road and in the workplace.

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