Elon Musk's India trip was suddenly postponed..!?

Sowmiya Sriram

Elon Musk's india trip was suddenly postponed..!?

Electric vehicle maker tesla CEO Elon Musk, who was scheduled to arrive in india early next week, has abruptly postponed his trip to meet prime minister narendra Modi. With elections heating up in india since april 19, with Elon Musk's arrival and tesla and Starlink service announcements expected to favor the narendra Modi-led regime, Musk has suddenly postponed. Reuters reported on saturday that it had received the information from three reliable sources. It is not yet clear why Elon Musk postponed his visit to India. Neither tesla nor prime minister Modi's office has released any official information yet. After Reuters reported on april 10 that Elon Musk was planning a trip to india, Elon Musk posted on his social media page X, "Looking forward to meeting prime minister narendra Modi in India." With this, the expectation for this trip was increased. The reasons behind Elon Musk's sudden postponement of his india visit are not yet clear. There are various speculations in this regard. 

The reasons behind this are said to be Tesla's problems in meeting its production targets, as well as pending negotiations with the indian government on import duties.It was announced that Elon Musk-led tesla will invest $2-3 billion in india, and a special team from tesla will visit tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, and gujarat to survey land for the factory. Beyond this, several states have directly and indirectly contacted Tesla. 

However there is no announcement or information about the arrival of the tesla team in india, and there is a high possibility that Elon Musk has postponed his visit to india due to the delay in choosing the land. Tesla is planning to manufacture the car in the factory set up in india and export most of it abroad, especially to Southeast Asian countries and the gulf countries. Even though tamil Nadu is the best choice for both of these, there are also reports that the gujarat government and the central government are trying to shift the tesla factory to Gujarat. Even through this, Elon Musk may be trying to take the india trip after firm decisions. 

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