Guntakal: TDP candidate Jayaram banks on pro-NDA wave

Presently standing for the guntakal Assembly constituency is tdp candidate alur mla in kurnool district, a former YSRCP minister. Here, the current mla for the YSRCP is Y Venkatarami Reddy. His party has now nominated him again, with Gummanur Jayaram, a former minister of the YSRCP, running for the TDP. Former mla R Jitendra Goud was among the tdp officials and activists who opposed his admission into the party when his nomination for guntakal was declared. The immediate outcry subsided, and party officials started to come to terms with the tdp high command's decision.

In an interview with india Herald, jayaram said that although he is now the kurnool district's alur mla, alur is a seat that data-borders Guntakal. There are around thirty km separating the two constituencies. Strictly speaking, his birthplace was a little guntakal hamlet. He asserted that there are no cultural boundaries between the two constituencies and that he is well knowledgeable about Guntakal.

He said that the workers and leaders of the party were following his example and assisting him. He was full of optimism that soon the whole tdp cadre, together with its coalition partners, would attain ultimate coherence and put up a unified struggle. When weighed against the locals' determination to restore the tdp to power, they are insignificant problems. The constituents want development, especially drinking water and rural roads. The people don't bring up assistance programs.

According to Jayaram, he is guaranteeing them the development of every village and semi-urban area. Admitting that the YSRCP elevated him to the rank of minister twice, he said that the same person who nourished the plants and saw them flourish now chose to chop down the tree as it grew. In addition, the lack of any growth is another reason why the public is unhappy with the jagan regime. In the end, a leader is more concerned with the needs and goals of the people than with party affiliation.

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