CBN Promises to Protect Vizag Steel Plant

The leader of telugu Desam, N. Chandrababu Naidu, declared that he would shield the Visakhapatnam steel plant from privatization with the aid of his alliance partners. Speaking at his Prajagalam gathering on sunday night in Gajuwaka, Naidu stated that telugu Desam's agitation was the reason behind the central government's pressure to rescind its plans to privatize the VSP. 

"I spoke at a gathering at Gajuwaka, urging chief minister Jagan mohan reddy to spearhead the movement. But he didn't reply," Naidu said. He said that the steel plant's privatization was also considered by the Atal Behari government, but he was able to effectively block it.

The leader of the tdp declared that he would head a group of alliance partners following the elections and request that the government completely abandon the plan to privatize the Visakhapatnam Steel Plant. Telugu-speaking individuals, he claimed, had sentimental ties to the steel mill. He said, "They still chant `Visakha Ukku Andhrula Hakku." 

Recalling his services to Visakhapatnam during the devastation caused by super hurricane Hudhud, Naidu said his government facilitated quick recovery following the storm and attracted IIM, IT firms, and several other businesses to the port city. The previous chief minister accused the YSRC administration of transforming Visakhapatnam into a hub for drug trafficking while claiming to be making the city a capital. He brought up the recent discovery of 25,000 kg of narcotics at the port of Visakhapatnam.

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