Pawan and CBN Shouldn't Miss these Two Important Issues

On the ground, the Opposition had started to act. Every day, chandrababu naidu participates in two roadshows. He often does combined roadshows with Pawan Kalyan. Purandeshwari, the president of the ap bjp, is scheduled to attend and focus on the rajahmundry Lok Sabha segment. In the next few days, bjp Central Leaders will accompany Chandrababu and pawan kalyan on their combined roadshows and public appearances. The opposition is fully engaged in addressing topics such as Kodi Kathi, Viveka's murder, and more. They are also discussing problems like costs, the inability to create jobs, poor roads, etc.

However, the main attention is only being paid to spectacular topics like the murder of Viveka, Kodi Kathi, sisters who are being neglected, etc. Several significant concerns that may affect the public are not receiving enough attention or traction. For instance, the start of the new fiscal year means that people begin receiving demands for property taxes. The property tax in metropolitan areas has increased by fifteen percent, just like it has for the previous four years.
Andhra Pradesh has some of the highest property taxes in the nation. Raking the matter will make the general people feel pressured when they get the demand notices. Moreover, summer is in this season. Naturally, power costs will increase. Furthermore, after assuming office, jagan raised Andhra Pradesh's power prices ten times. The problem has to be made more public. Although Chandrababu discusses it in his speeches, a planned campaign to raise awareness among the public is needed. The leaders of the opposition ought to be aware of it.

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