Telangana - Ensure Hyderabad gets Drinking Water says CM

On Friday, A. revanth reddy, the chief minister, gave authorities instructions to take preventative action in order to avoid issues with drinking water. He demanded that other plans be made to meet the rising demand without compromising Hyderabad's access to clean drinking water. He said that officials needed to make sure the city received water from the Singur project as well as pump water up from the dead storage level at Nagarjunasagar.
Reddy claimed that because it was election season, fabricated grievances and rumours were being spread to harm the government's standing in order to gain political benefits. He instructed officials to report any such issues they become aware of to the election Commission. reddy requested that officials speak with the karnataka government before releasing water from the Narayanpur reservoir to meet drinking water demands, pointing out that there was no water in the krishna basin.
He was discussing the state of drinking water and the continuous purchase of paddy from farmers during a review meeting attended by ministers and top officials. Even while there is more drinking water available now than there was a year ago, he claimed, it is still insufficient. Because more people were relying on tap water, groundwater levels had been depleted, which led to the current scenario. The chief minister gave authorities instructions to keep a close eye on the drinking water supply. He announced that the Chief Secretary will meet daily with senior officials from the energy, municipal, irrigation, and Mission Bhagiratha agencies to conduct a review.


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