Dil Raju Insulted Ram Charan?

Prominent tollywood producer dil raju is working nonstop to promote his film "Family Star," which is scheduled to hit theatres on april 5. In addition, he is aggressively marketing his other projects, such as "Game Changer" and "Love Me," demonstrating his ability to multitask in the business. 

Dil Raju reflected on his experiences in the film fraternity while taking a trip down memory lane at yesterday's "Love Me" song release event. He emphasised in his address the phenomenal ascent to fame of Allu Arjun, NTR, and prabhas as enormous pan-India stars.

Regretfully, a portion of this speech has been making the rounds on social media, stirring up unnecessary controversy. Some people have falsely believed that dil raju deliberately offended ram charan by leaving his name off of the list of pan-India talents. But the reality is far different from the exaggerated statements.
Dil Raju singled out Allu Arjun, NTR, and prabhas since they all started their careers in the film industry at around the same time in the early 2000s and had comparable career paths. On the other side, ram charan debuted much later—in the late 2000s—and first worked with dil raju on the film "Evadu" in 2014. Unfortunately, some miscreants manipulate films out of context in an attempt to plant seeds of hatred and incite needless poisonous fan rivalry on social media.


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