Worst event after 25 years..!? People of Japan & Taiwan are in shock!

Sowmiya Sriram
Worst event after 25 years..!? people of japan & taiwan are in shock!
A tsunami warning has been issued for the earthquake that struck taiwan today, the most powerful in the past 25 years. A massive 7.4 magnitude earthquake hit eastern taiwan this morning (Wednesday). It issued a tsunami warning for southern japan and parts of the Philippines. The earthquake was said to have struck at 8:00 am local time (0000 GMT). The US Geological survey (USGS) said the quake struck 18 kilometers (11 mi) south of Hualien, taiwan at a depth of 34.8 km. Japan's Meteorological Agency has issued a tsunami warning of three meters (10 feet) for remote Japanese islands in the region, including Miyakojima Island. In taiwan, authorities issued a tsunami warning via text message, advising "people in coastal areas to be alert, take strict precautions and pay attention to the dangers of sudden surges."

The tremors, which included a 6.5-magnitude earthquake near Hualien, were also felt in Taipei, news agencies there said. In the capital, the metro stopped running for a while. But it resumed within an hour. Wu Chien-fu, director of the Seismological Center of the Central Meteorological Administration of Taipei, said, "The earthquake was close to the ground. It is shallow. It was felt throughout taiwan and the sea Islands. It was the strongest in 25 years since the 1999 earthquake. In september 1999, a 7.6 magnitude earthquake struck Taiwan. About 2,400 people were killed in this worst natural disaster. Earthquakes of magnitude 6.5 to 7 will be close to land in three days,” he told reporters. taiwan suffers from frequent earthquakes. Because the island is near the junction of two tectonic plates.

Meanwhile, nearby japan experiences about 1,500 aftershocks each year. To the west of taiwan, the philippines has also issued a tsunami warning and urged people to evacuate coastal areas. A tsunami warning has been issued for coastal areas in the northern provinces of Patnes, Cagayan, Ilocos Norte and Isabela, the state seismological agency said. Live television footage from Okinawa regional ports, including Naha, showed ships heading out to sea. A transport ministry official told AFP that flights were grounded at Okinawa's main airport as a precaution. Most of the earthquakes around the region are mild.
However, the damage they cause varies depending on the depth of the core below the Earth's surdata-face and its location. Japan's largest earthquake occurred in march 2011 under the sea off the northeast coast of japan with a magnitude of 9.0. This triggered a tsunami. It is said to have killed or disappeared some 18,500 people. The 2011 disaster melted down three reactors at the Fukushima nuclear power plant. It was Japan's worst post-war disaster. It caused the worst nuclear accident since Chornobyl. japan witnessed a major earthquake on New Year's Day this year. A magnitude 7.5 earthquake hit the Noto Peninsula. More than 230 people died in this. It is noteworthy that many of them are old buildings that have collapsed. people are sharing videos of the earthquakes in japan and taiwan on social media.

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