Telangana Hyderabad - Saroornagar lake turns a floating dump

Saroornagar Lake is in the news again because of several problems, chief among them being that it has become a floating garbage yard. Residents claim that the desilting project, which started last month, was abruptly stopped without warning. Moreover, it has been alleged that ghmc representatives neglected to keep an eye on the continuous dumping of trash into the lake.

Locals brought up the fact that ghmc commissioner Ronald Rose visited them last month and gave them his word that the lake would be cleaned up. As promised, desilting work started within a week, but it was abruptly stopped after just five days. By then, only five percent of the job had been finished. The lake also distinguishes out as one of the dirtiest waterways in the city, tainted by human waste left behind, including plastic bottles, puja objects, and clothes scattered around its edges.
In december 2023, the telangana State pollution Control Board released statistics indicating that the lake's dissolved oxygen content was 2.0 mg/L, which is slightly more than the essential threshold needed to sustain aquatic life. The Biochemical oxygen Demand (BOD) was strikingly high at 5.4 mg/L, suggesting considerable organic pollution, while the pH level was measured at 7.24. Furthermore, the detection of faecal streptococci at 2 MPN/100 ml and total coliform at 540 MPN/100 ml, along with the presence of faecal coliform at 24 MPN/100 ml, indicate contamination.

As a result of significant damage to both its exit and entrance, the lake has been turned into a floating garbage yard. Despite persistent protests, ghmc representatives have simply made empty promises; every time work is started, it ends abruptly a few days later. Numerous cases of waterborne infections have been recorded from the surrounding communities as a result of the lack of upkeep, according to K jagan Reddy, head of the Greenpark Colony Welfare Association in Saroornagar.

In addition to the desilting activities, Mission Kakatiya Phase IV approved developmental initiatives two years ago. However, only approximately 20% of the work has been finished, and the lack of funding has caused the remaining projects to stagnate. Unfortunately, residents have lost faith in the lake's ability to improve as intended because there has been no discernible change. Saroornagar resident v Reddy remarked, "Despite many complaints, nothing has been done to develop the lake or even to install a perimeter fence to address the situation."


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