BJP's New Condition for TDP - Narasapuram for RRR

According to reports, the telugu desam party is in early discussions with the bjp to secure raghu Rama Krishnam Raju's position as the mp for Narasapuram. After the bjp denied raghu Rama krishna Raju a ticket in narasapuram, there was a significant protest from the people. The tdp is attempting to persuade the bjp that the assembly constituencies under narasapuram would also be affected by the lack of RRR. In addition, if there is no RRR, some of the candidates will data-face financial difficulties.
TDP allegedly promised the bjp the eluru mp seat in exchange for Narasapuram's return. The Saffron party should take a chance on Thapana Chowdary of the bjp, who has been actively campaigning in eluru for the past three years. The bjp, however, is not prepared to make it happen quickly. As long as the tdp high command consents to grant kadapa mp for the jammalamadugu assembly segment, they claim they will give narasapuram for Eluru. With the alliance's backing and if sharmila divides the ysr Congress's vote base, the bjp is confident it would take kadapa with ease.

However, Muslims in the kadapa assembly seats can become disruptive if the bjp is awarded the kadapa Parliament ticket. Therefore, it would be best if Chandrababu forbade this. His pursuit of the jammalamadugu seat might have a detrimental effect on every kadapa assembly segment. Muslim voters have a sizable portion of the vote in constituencies like Mydukuru, kadapa, and Proddaturu. These are seats that the tdp has a good chance of winning, and if the bjp runs for the kadapa Parliament, they would go. In approximately a week, this will probably become clearer.

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