Jana Sena - What is the Actual Issue ?

The election commission shocked the janasena party and the Opposition Alliance shortly before the andhra pradesh elections. The glass tumbler symbol used by janasena caused misunderstanding once more. The Glass Tumbler of the Jana Sena party was one of the free emblems. It is listed among the emblems in each of Andhra Pradesh's 175 and 25 mp seats. The election Commission's judgment is likely to cause headaches unless it is overturned.

The information of the 26 states in the union that have recognized state parties has been made public by the election Commission. YSRCP and tdp are on the list of acknowledged parties in Andhra Pradesh. In telangana, the mim and BRS parties were acknowledged. Only that janasena is a registered party is mentioned. There is a common emblem just for Recognised parties. The collection of free symbols now includes the glass symbol. The janasena party is concerned that people would become confused if the symbol is changed at this time. The election commission and the party's legal staff are already in communication.

The janasena party claims that this issue is only transient. The same emblem was given to janasena even in the telangana polls, and the Commission can't reject it for Andhra Pradesh. The real issue is apart from what the media is discussing, which is whether janasena will receive the insignia in its seats. However, in the telangana constituencies where janasena is running, the glass tumbler is a free symbol. Should that prove to be the case in andhra pradesh, it might lead to more complications in the seats that the tdp and bjp are vying for. The election commission needs to ideally freeze the symbol throughout every andhra pradesh constituency.

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