Mumbai Indians went overboard..!? Rohit Sharma fans upset..?

Sowmiya Sriram
Mumbai indians went overboard..!? rohit sharma fans upset..?
Mumbai indians - rajasthan Royals clashed in the IPL match held at Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai. In this match, scenes of Rohit Sharma's fans being treated badly by ground staff are going viral on social media. Rohit fans have been spreading evidence that some such incidents took place at the Wankhede stadium to give the impression that mumbai fans are in favor of hardik Pandya. rohit sharma fans who don't like the appointment of hardik pandya as the captain of the mumbai team have been chanting against hardik pandya in every match. Also, they tease hardik pandya by chanting "Rohit, Rohit" whenever they see him around.

 Meanwhile, mumbai indians, who lost their first two matches in the 2024 IPL series, clashed with rajasthan Royals in the third at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai. hardik pandya was forced to win at home. At the same time, Rohit's fans were treated harshly as if fans chanted against hardik pandya at the Wankhede stadium, it would be considered that the fans were against the mumbai indians at home. In videos circulating on social media, people carrying slogans and banners in support of rohit sharma were allowed to enter only after they took them down and threw them down. Similarly, the background music was muted during the live telecast when chants of "Rohit, Rohit" erupted in the stadium and whenever hardik pandya was shown on the stadium screen.
The fans in the stadium took a video and shared how much there was a protest against Pandya. None of the audio from the videos was broadcast live. This ensured that those who watched the match on tv and mobile did not know that the fans protested against hardik Pandya. rohit sharma fans are spreading these scenes on the internet.

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