Telangana CS orders surveillance at Hyderabad airports in view of polls

To guarantee free, fair, and peaceful elections in the state, telangana Chief Secretary Santhi Kumari instructed the authorities to rigorously implement the model code of conduct on Monday. She gave the order to set up surveillance at both shamshabad and Begumpet airports after a meeting with authorities. She assessed how the model code of behavior was being applied, assessed the state of law and order, and set up checkpoints and daily seizure reports.

By the criteria set forth by the election Commission, she also requested that authorities inform the data-border districts dry days when elections are being held in adjacent states.
Additionally, she gave the Forest Department staff instructions to locate smugglers' secret routes via woodlands so that more monitoring and seizures could be conducted.
The state has established 85 data-border checkpoints and had interstate talks with all of its data-bordering states, according to director General of police (DGP) ravi Gupta.

Following the implementation of the model code of conduct, integrated check posts, flying squads and static surveillance teams have increased their vigilance, leading to the seizure of about Rs 35 crore over the past two weeks.
Following the release of the model code of conduct, the Commercial Tax department's heightened vigilance through the integrated data-border check stations led to the seizure of Rs 5.19 crore, as Commissioner T.K. sridevi informed the Chief Secretary.
In order to identify repeat offenders, the commercial tax agency has also tracked goods entering and leaving the state. Additionally, there is now more surveillance at production and trade godowns.

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