Telangana Hyderabad - Tollywood director, actress named in drug case

The telugu film industry and celebs are still in disbelief over the narcotics racket that the Cyberabad police unearthed at a famous hotel in Gachibowli. Film producer Kedar was detained along with other people for allegedly attending a rave party that included cocaine and other illegal substances. However, more inquiries revealed that a celebrity director was also present in the hotel room.

According to law enforcement authorities, drug dealer abbas Ali disclosed that the director is good friends with Vivek, also known as Gajjala Vivekanand, who threw the drug party. The son of a well-known bjp leader is G. Vivekanand.
It should be mentioned that the police had already detained Syed abbas Ali Jeffrey, Nirbhay, Kedar, and Vivekanand, the director of the Manjeera Group of Companies. In addition to the director's name, the First Information Report listed the names of a model and an actress.

Vivekanand has also undergone blood testing by the police.

In the meanwhile, the director has addressed the situation by saying in a statement to the media that he had gone to see friends, spent only thirty minutes in the room, and then quickly left. He claimed to have given the police department access to the same data.
According to madhapur DCP Vineeth, the inquiry showed that abbas Ali had given Vivekanand narcotics at least ten times. abbas was formerly employed by the latter and is well acquainted.
It was established that Vivekanand, Kedar, and Nirbhay had used narcotics at the celebration. The actress and film director are among the others whose roles are being investigated. More action will be taken in light of new information and the results of the drug test, according to authorities.

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