Telangana Hyderabad - KTR says Congress Will Not be Spared Until it Fulfills all Promises

The congress government will not be spared till all of its electoral pledges are fulfilled, according to BRS working president KT Rama Rao. He asked BRS leaders to confront the governing congress and expose their false propaganda in front of the State's citizens, noting that people from all walks of life were expressing regret for being duped by the party's false promises and voting for it in the assembly elections.

Rama Rao said that the congress leaders made unrealistic promises before the assembly elections because they, too, were unsure that people would cast ballots in favor of them. Rama Rao was taking part in BRS preparation sessions for the approaching lok sabha elections on tuesday in Amberpet and Ibrahimpatnam. He made fun of the new requirements put in place to benefit from various initiatives, saying that people would not have supported the congress party if they had been aware of its strategies.

"The leaders of congress deceived the public by making several promises to meet everyone's demands. But after winning office, the congress administration discovered they couldn't keep their word and withdrew from the programs by placing additional requirements. But until all of the pledges are fulfilled, the BRS will find them, so they won't be spared," he declared.

The working president of the BRS asked the party's cadre to question congress officials about their electoral pledges and reveal their deceptive statements to the electorate, who were eager to bury the ruling party for defrauding them. "The leaders of congress pledged advantages to every segment of society in their 420 pledges, which included their six guarantees and several proclamations for youth, women, farmers, and other groups. chief minister revanth Reddy, however, is currently reducing the benefits and restricting them to certain demographic groups. people won't think twice to remove them from office if they don't perform within the allotted period, he continued.

Revanth Reddy's claims to have eradicated the BRS in telangana were refuted by Rama Rao. He emphasised that the tpcc president will suffer a similar fate to many other leaders who made similar promises in the past but eventually vanished from view. Given that the party leaders were notorious for their infighting and efforts to overthrow one another, he questioned if the congress itself would be able to survive the lok sabha elections.

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