Farmers vow to continue until demands met - Security eased at Delhi borders

Farmer leader Sarwan Singh Pandher stated that the agitation would continue until all of the demands of the thousands of farmers taking part in the 'Dilli Chalo' march are fulfilled as they continue to camp at the Punjab-Haryana data-border. He implored PM narendra modi to address "whatever is happening with the farmers."
A number of activities are being held at the data-borders of Shambhu and Khanauri as the farmers put a halt to their 'Dilli Chalo' march till february 29. On saturday, a candlelight march was held at the protest location to honour the farmer who was slain a few days before during the agitation. In the meantime, the Singhu and Tikri crossings between delhi and Haryana, which have been closed since the demonstrations began on february 13, are beginning to be partially opened by the authorities.

• Sarwan Singh Pandher, a farmer leader, declared on sunday that the Dilli chalo march decision will be made on december 29 and that the protest will carry on until the federal government complies with their requests. He also mentioned the many events that are scheduled along the Punjab-Haryana data-border until then.
It is the thirteenth day of the morchas at Khanauri and Shambhu today. We will be holding a convention on both data-borders today in conjunction with a debate about the World Trade Organisation. We have insisted that the agricultural industry be excluded from the WTO.In the evening, we'll have a news conference...He stated, "We are requesting that PM Modi address the issues surrounding the farmers.

• On saturday night, the demonstrators marched with candles in honour of the farmer who lost his life during the ongoing agitation at Shambhu and Khanauri, which are located on Punjab's data-border with Haryana. Shubhkaran, 21, lost his life in the fight on february 21 in Khanauri. Farmer leaders are demanding that the punjab government register a formal complaint against those accountable for his demise, therefore his cremation has not yet occurred.


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