Caste Politics In Seats Of CBN, Lokesh, & Balakrishna

It has been confirmed that tdp will run for 151 seats in the forthcoming elections, with janasena competing for the remaining 24 seats. Initially, tdp declared 94 candidates, whereas janasena declared five seats. The congress PARTY' target='_blank' title='ysr congress-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW">ysr congress has been spreading false information regarding chandrababu naidu, lokesh, and Balakrishna's seats for the past four years, claiming that they will move to other seats out of fear of losing. However, Chandrababu confirmed their previous seats, thus closing it.
In the meantime, there is more misinformation claiming that Balakrishna, lokesh, and Chandrababu depend on kamma support. There has been propaganda since the ysr era depicting the tdp as the kamma party. However, the truth is that none of the major tdp leaders—from NT Ramarao to Chandrababu, lokesh, and Balakrishna—ever depended on caste politics to win.

Let us see the Caste equations in all the three seats: 


In kuppam, chandrababu naidu will run for office a record eight times. He served the constituency continuously for seven terms. The kamma community comprises just 4% of Kuppam's overall population. In kuppam, Vannekula Kshetriyas make up around 42% of the population. kuruba voters make up about 14% of the sc population.
Balakrishna is eager to complete a hattrick after winning two consecutive elections in Hindupur. In Hindupur, the kamma group is not even among the top six castes. Here, Valmiki Boyas make up 20% of the population, followed by Muslims (18%), SCs (14%), Kurubas (13%), Reddys (10%), and Satti Balijas (6%). In this BC-dominated seat, tdp has won all ten of the elections held since 1983. From this, Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao triumphed three times and Harikrishna just once. Only the BCs' support for the tdp in this area has allowed for all of these triumphs.
Out of the three, mangalagiri is a highly distinct constituency. Even though caste relations do not favor the party, it is rather powerful in kuppam and Hindupur. However, lokesh decided to run for an extremely difficult seat. Since 1989, tdp has failed to win the constituency even once. In this constituency, caste equations also varied somewhat. With 20% of the population, SCs represent the largest vote bloc in this case. But in this case, BCs are the decisive element. Yadavs make up 10%, Kapus comprise 11%, and Padmashalis are 15%. In this constituency, 8% of the population is Kamma.
In contrast, the reddy clan makes up over 45% of the populace in the pulivendula seat of chief minister Jagan Mohan Reddy. This represents the highest concentration of one community in any state constituency. In actuality, not even one community makes up 40% of any other constituency. The YS family is taking care of the growing Christian population in the area.


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