Telangana - School bags to get lighter from next academic session

The State syllabus school textbooks will become lighter and thinner, and so will the bags used in the upcoming academic year. The school education Department lowered the textbooks' paper thickness from 90 grams per square meter (GSM) to 70 GSM due to rising worries about the pressure that schoolchildren bear when carrying heavy backpacks. Similarly, each textbook's cover page now contains 200 GSM instead of 250 GSM of thickness.

The State government has approved a reduction in paper thickness, which would lighten school bags by 25% to 30%, depending on the class, based on the recommendation made by the school education Department.
The Class I english medium textbooks will weigh 1.408 kg according to the revised measurements, which is 583 grams lighter than the textbooks for the current academic year, which have a cover page thickness of 250 GSM and a paper thickness of 90 GMS. The current weight of the six Class v textbooks, which is 1.759 kg, will be reduced by 494 grams. Similarly, Class X english medium textbook weight has decreased by 1.183 kg as a result of thinner paper.

In addition to the weight of textbooks, the move will result in a 3,000 metric tonne reduction in the required for raw paper. Compared to 11,000 metric tonnes in the previous academic year, the government Textbook Printing press has projected 8,000 metric tonnes of raw paper this year. Additionally, the action would help save between Rs 30 and Rs 40 crore on the purchase of raw paper, which was previously estimated to have cost Rs 150 crore in the academic year 2023–2024.
The choice is in line with the current discussion about minimizing unnecessary environmental effects through the use of fewer tonnes of raw paper. Previously, the department increased the thickness since the textbook pages were tearing easily, which also made the schoolchildren's bags heavier.

Under the free component, 1.90 crore textbooks would be given to pupils enrolled in local bodies and government institutions for the upcoming academic year. The department is working to make sure that part-I textbooks are available at district locations by april 30 at the latest, so that students may get them before the start of the school year, and part-II textbooks in July.

Bilingual textbooks to aid students

Students will get bilingual textbooks when english is implemented as the language of teaching for Class X in government and local body schools starting in the next academic year. The transfer of non-English speaking pupils to english speaking will be aided by these textbooks.
Every page will include content that is available as mirror images in telugu and english or english and Urdu. english language education was gradually implemented in all government schools during the previous BRS government.

All course textbooks will have QR codes, which allow students to access and complete lessons on their own by utilizing smartphones to scan the codes printed on the textbooks. Every lesson's QR code contains one or more films or other images that are inserted to aid students in understanding the idea covered in that particular subject.

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