I worked as a watchman for Jadeja to achieve his dream..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
I worked as a watchman for Jadeja to achieve his dream..!?
Jadeja's father Anirudh Singh Jadeja has said that he worked as a watchman and walked carrying a 20-litre milk can for his son's cricketing dream. The family matter of star all-rounder ravindra jadeja of the indian team is becoming a debate among the fans day by day. Anirudh Singh Jadeja has leveled accusations against ravindra Jadeja's wife Rivaba that after marriage, changes in ravindra Jadeja's wife Rivaba and her family where all properties of Jadeja were changed in name.
Following this, ravindra jadeja on his instagram page, said this is an attempt to tarnish his wife's reputation. father Anirudh Singh Jadeja's comments are false. Fans and people should ignore it. He also has a lot to comment on. However, he posted that he did not want to speak in public.
Jadeja's father, Anirudh Singh Jadeja gave an interview and said that they have worked hard to achieve ravindra Jadeja's dream. He used to carry 20-liter milk cans on his shoulders. He is working as a watchman. They are not a rich family. His sister has worked more for Jadeja than him. She looks after Jadeja like a mother. But not only him but also his sister he has abandoned. Rivaba said that the restaurant run by Jadeja after a few months of marriage should be changed to her name. After this, the sister signed, thinking that Rivaba wanted to take over. Similarly, Rivaba's family did not do much business. Even the audi car gifted to Jadeja by Rivaba's parents was bought with the money earned by Jadeja. The Rivaba family lived in a railway flat. She has now bought a bungalow for Rs 2 crore with Jadeja's money. Perhaps it would have been better if Jadeja had never married or remained a cricketer. He doesn't visit ravindra Jadeja. He doesn't need it. It is his responsibility to look for him. Just thinking about it makes him anxious. He said that his sister was disturbed during the rakshabandhan celebrations.

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