Rajinikanth Tastes The Same Fate of Chiru!

Bholaa Shankar, a megastar chiranjeevi film, was his worst failure last year. The actor had great expectations for the mass aspects in the movie and believed it would become a tremendous blockbuster. But chiranjeevi made a mistake in his calculations. He thought critically about his next movies as a result of the movie's failure. He made the decision to work on a movie with Vashishta instead of finishing kalyan Krishna's project. Superstar Rajinikanth is currently experiencing Chiranjeevi's destiny.

Jailer is a huge blockbuster that Rajinikanth scored. For a minimum of two weeks, the movie had packed houses following its successful premiere. The film also performed well in Telugu. Regarding Rajini's most recent movie, Lal Salaam, it is an obvious flop in every way.
The verdict is in, despite the fact that the movie has only been on cinemas for a day. Despite having very little screen time, Rajini's film is receiving poor reviews from both reviewers and fans. They said that the movie was poorly done and without any emotional resonance. Rajinikanth was not given enough credit nor was there any opportunity for the superstar to shine.

Furthermore, neither telugu nor tamil versions of Lal Salaam could benefit from Rajinikanth's Jailer obsession. Additionally, Lal Salaam is not doing well in the telugu states.  By contrasting the two situations, it is evident that viewers need interesting information rather than just celebrities or mass-market components. Let this serve as a wake-up call for everyone who believes they can get away with using template films. Stars and directors need to acknowledge that audiences' tastes are evolving on a daily basis.

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