SHOCK - Animal Telugu Didn't even Touch $1 Million

Sandeep reddy Vanga's 'Animal' garnered mixed reactions and criticism, but the film is making waves in hindi and global markets, grossing $10 million. Surprisingly, despite mediocre reviews in telugu, the film has struck a chord with a subset of the youth audience. Official tracking, however, shows that the telugu version did not even hit $1 million, with a current total of $705,278. The tamil 2D version recorded a meager $11,463.
The hindi version has grossed $8,127,387 (excluding PLF and other forms). The dramatic difference between the telugu and hindi versions raises questions, even though many telugu viewers saw the hindi version. Nonetheless, the telugu statistics will not match or be suitable when compared to the hindi figures.
Furthermore, claiming that telugu people see 'Animal' in hindi as the basis for the $10 million profit is illogical. A recent Ranveer-Alias rom-com also grossed $10 million in Hindi. So, raising $10 million for a hindi film with only hindi spectators is not an impossible task. The telugu version's earnings are insignificant in comparison to the hindi version's. So, the reality is, that the movie never connected with any others apart from hindi audiences and Northies. 

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