Biggest Flop - 'Extra Ordinary' Wash Out

Nithiin is hoping that his current release, 'Extra Ordinary Man,' will help him recover from a major setback like 'Macherla Niyojakavargam.' 'Extraordinary Man' received negative reviews, and its box office results reflected this. The film debuted with poor figures ($36,227), while the next day only brought in pathetic receipts - $18,820 (Friday).
At this point, it is clear that another of Nithiin's films would be a flop, and the writer and director, Vakkantham Vamsi, is to blame for failing to provide even a halfway intriguing tale that might retain the audience's attention. Nithiin appears to have had trust in the film's result, as seen by his attempts to promote it; he traveled to the united states for this picture.
The second half begins with some confusing comedy, hinting at what’s to come, and this continues until the climax. However, it worsens progressively toward the end. In one scene, a dialogue questions, “Mana climax kosam andarikanna eduru choosedevaro telusa?” At this stage, there’s no confusion; instead, the audience just wants the film to conclude. The entire second half becomes exhausting as every character tries hard for comedy. Oddly, a good writer like vakkantham vamsi couldn't understand how several crucial characters are just half-baked.

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