Smriti Irani: "Chhattisgarh was just an ATM for Congress" ...

S Venkateshwari
Smriti Irani: "Chhattisgarh was just an ATM for Congress" ...

Union minister smriti irani celebrated the success of her party, attributing it to prime minister Narendra Modi's and the top leadership's policies, after the Bharatiya Janta party (BJP) easily defeated the congress in three states. Speaking to the media following the announcement of the election results on Sunday, smriti irani claimed that PM Modi and the people of the state were solely responsible for the BJP's victory in Chhattisgarh. With the BJP's victory, the state's government led by chief minister Bhupesh Baghel was overthrown, and the Congressman was still being implicated in the Mahadev app fraud.

As the bjp maintained its lead over the congress in chhattisgarh, smriti irani stated, "I am extremely elated that women played a decisive role in BJP's victory, particularly their consistent support to prime minister Narendra Modi is a great joy for me." She went on to criticize the chhattisgarh congress government, claiming the party was involved in the Mahadev app scandal, the liquor scam, and the job scam. Furthermore, she claimed that congress had turned the state into "just an ATM" for political donations.

"The entire country has become agitated due to the delhi leadership's reduction of its chhattisgarh unit as a congress ATM following the scandals involving the Mahadev gambling app, the congress party liquor scam, and employment scam," the Union minister stated.

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