Telangana Elections 2023 - 4 Key Factors in KCR's Defeat

When we break down the causes for the upward change in the polls for congress, we find four primary explanations. The first is the early boost from the victory in karnataka when the congress party easily won the elections in the nearby state. This had a favorable impact on the telangana Congress. 

The second factor is anti-incumbency, as BRS has been in power for ten years and the kcr family has been in power for the same number of years. BRS appears to have suffered as a result of the negative vacuum. Third, KTR's unduly aggressive remarks against CBN, in which he stated that there should be no rallies in telangana over the latter's detention. This irritated tdp supporters as well as neutrals who believed disrespectful remarks against CBN, a guy who has done so much for telangana, was inappropriate. 

The last example is the congress party's successful whirlwind campaign, which included ground-level infiltration, marketing campaigns, and a social media game. All of these elements appear to have worked amazingly well for congress, putting them in a strong position as the counting is currently progressing and the congress are already the favorites.

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