Voters Fume as Cops, ECI Prevent Phones

Many voters in various constituencies were taken aback on thursday when polling officials refused to allow them to bring their cell phones into polling booths. This resulted in confrontations between voters and police, which escalated into clashes in certain cases as the police refused to give any wiggle room.
While election authorities stated that cell phones were not permitted inside polling booths, residents argued that their Aadhaar cards were on their phones and that this was essential to confirm their identification. In several circumstances, voters just left.

Veena, a Goshamahal constituency voter, claimed she and a companion were astonished to be denied access with phones. "We were both in the same scenario. "Fortunately, my driver was present, and we both left our phones with him," she explained.
"Nowadays, everything is connected to the mobile phone," stated Arvind Kumar. We can't leave our phones at home since we're scheduling our commute through app-based aggregators. They should make plans."
Some good Samaritans rushed to the aid of voters, promising to keep their phones secure until they could vote.
"People are having a lot of difficulty because most of them are carrying phones," said H. Sailatha, who assisted fellow voters at Nehru Park voting station in Sanathnagar constituency. The booth is right outside my door, and since I recognised the problem, I offered to keep the phones with me."

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